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One Woman Chooses To Leave, Others Compete for Hometown Dates

This week the final six are in Juan Pablo’s city of Miami, Florida.  He begins by visiting his daughter, Camila.  He hadn’t seen her in three weeks. 


He was so excited to surprise her, which was actually really sweet. They had a lot of hugs and they were obviously overjoyed to be reunited.



Juan Pablo dropped off the date card himself and handed it to Sharleen.  It said, “Come sea my city.”  She didn’t seem enthused at all.  She’s still battling her confusion over her feelings for him.  Once she was ready, they walked up to a yacht, and got ready to take to the water.  They laid down on a blanket on the front of the boat and Sharleen told him that he looked “too cozy”.  They kissed and made out a little bit, but you could tell that she was pulling away from him and not into it.  She playfully told him, “You’re trouble”.  But she even admitted that they do have good chemistry and she’s attracted to him.  She just feels like something is lacking.




Juan Pablo asked Sharleen about her life and told Juan Pablo that she now has different priorities because she’s a professional opera singer and that she enjoys change.  He seemed satisfied by their strange conversation and so did she.  Enough so, that she jumped into the water with him and kissed him endlessly.




That evening, she seemed more content with Juan Pablo, but was still trying to see if he was the kind of guy she wanted to bring home to her family.  She’s not sure if she sees him as a future husband or not.  It’s a little reassuring to hear someone have doubts and actually evaluate the situation where Juan Pablo seems to obviously think that it’s her that needs to do all of the “impressing”.  I’m so sick of seeing them kiss…it’s getting gross.  She made him stop kissing her and they talked about how she felt about him meeting her family and she said honestly she could see it, but she’s not sure.  She says she still has a little voice in her head telling her, “It’s not right”.  Sharleen said that they did have an amazing date, and she’s still having doubts about him and she doesn’t feel that she should.  She voiced those concerns to a producer who was on the boat who urged her to not make a hasty decision.




Another date card came and it was another one-on-one for Nikki!  It read, “Listen to my heart beat.” The following day they met up and went to a flower shop together.  They were making a flower arrangement together to give to Camila for her dance recital.  Nikki was very excited at the prospect of seeing her dance, but also learned that his parents and his ex-girlfriend, Camila’s mother, would also be there.  They got a really pretty tulip arrangement made for her.



Chelsie, Renee, Clare, and Andi got the last date card that said, “My hometown for yours,” and they learned that there would be a date rose!  That woman will be bringing Juan Pablo home to meet her family next week.




Back on Nikki’s one-on-one date, they watched Camila perform and it was adorable!  It was pretty awkward watching her meet Carla, but Nikki handled it well.  It’s pretty telling that he picked Nikki to go on this date, it’s a huge deal.  I’m surprised he felt comfortable enough to introduce someone to his daughter at this point.



Later, they went to Marlin’s Park to see his office.  He’s really revealing a lot about himself to her.  I think despite his infatuation with Sharleen, he likes Nikki the best.  They got to throw the ball around a little, and he stopped suddenly and said, “I really want to kiss you and not throw the ball around.”  It was pretty funny.  They sat down on the ball field later to have a picnic dinner.  Nikki told him that she couldn’t have asked for a better day and she really enjoyed meeting his family and Camila.  Nikki stopped herself and she told him that she wondered where she would fit in with that dynamic.  She wanted to make sure that Carla was OK with everything and that they want the best for each other.  At the end of the day, Nikki was sure that she wants her forever to be with Juan Pablo.




Sharleen called a meeting with the other ladies about her feelings about Juan Pablo and her conflicted feelings.  She said that she felt it wouldn’t be fair of her to potentially take a spot from one of them when she really isn’t feeling it.  She told them that she was on her way to go tell him.  She went and knocked on Juan Pablo’s door and he was excited to see her, but knew right away that something was wrong.  She told him that the other day was amazing, but she doesn’t know if she’s going to be able to get her feelings to where they should be in three weeks.  She told him it’s not right for her to take a spot from someone else.  He told her that he understood and kept telling her to stop crying and that he was sorry it didn’t work out.  She apologized for wasting his time, and he told her that she didn’t, and that it was ok.  He also reiterated that she is different in a good way and the only thing that made him upset is that she didn’t fall in love with him.



Surprisingly, after his conversation with Sharleen, he was really shaken.  He even cried about it when he was in his interview with the camera.  He clearly didn’t expect anyone to leave him, but it happened, and I think that could be a little scary.




On the group date, a sea plane showed up and whisked them away to a private beach area.  Chelsie chatted with Juan Pablo about her mom and her advice to her about being on the show and Andi took her private time to talk about her insecurities some more.  It’s getting really old!  Clare and Juan Pablo had a semi-awkward talk about what it would be like to bring him home to meet her family.  She told him about how her dad made a video to her future husband.  His time with Renee was apparently uneventful.




Despite his talks with the other women, Juan Pablo gave the date rose to Andi.  Clare was not happy about this.  Clare noticed that the people who were getting the roses were the women that aren’t there necessarily for him, and they doubt themselves.  I think it’s basically that they aren’t throwing themselves at him.  Now Andi gets to go to Atlanta for the evening to have a semi one-on-one date with Juan Pablo.




Juan Pablo and Andi walked into a club where they danced to Latin music on a stage in front of everyone.  She said that she’s not very comfortable with that but he’s such a good dancer that he put her at ease.  Juan Pablo also said that he laughs more with her than many of the other girls in the house because she knows how to have fun and is so smart and witty. 




Back at the hotel it was really awkward as Clare talked about how she thought Andi was wrong for Juan Pablo.  Nikki walked up to the bedroom and of course, Clare went upstairs and confronted her.  Nikki told her that she is talking “bleep” about her friend.  Nikki told her she was interrupting her in a very rude way and Clare was like, “why did you think that” and Nikki said she just “didn’t want to be a part of it.”  Then Clare accused her of cutting her off in the conversation.  Nikki basically laughed at her and said they would never be friends and that she should “excuse herself” from her room and Clare was like, “you didn’t pay for it, it’s all of our space”.  The conversation ended with some curse words.




At the cocktail party, Juan Pablo’s conversation with Renee seemed very buddy, buddy and not romantic.  It’s tough because they do have a good connection with both being single parents and they are able to understand each other.  I’d like to see him give her a real chance.  Maybe he’s not feeling Clare’s craziness, this could go any way!  Meantime, it was super awkward between Clare and Nikki while Juan Pablo was talking with all of the other women.  Thank goodness Chris Harrison broke up the tension by telling Juan Pablo he had to go deliberate and make his decision.



In addition to Andi who already has a rose, going on the hometown dates are:


Clare (ICK)





That meant that Chelsie didn’t get a rose and would not get to take him to her hometown.  Poor girl was so upset!  She told Juan Pablo that she had a great time as Juan Pablo cried some and she thanked him for being a “great guy” and that she wanted the best match for him and for her.  She was really almost consoling him!  Until she got in the limo that is, she cried once she was inside there.  She could potentially be a good “Bachelorette” candidate.  She’s a sweet girl.



Next week, it’s time for mayhem with the hometown dates!  These are the best!  Clare’s parents seem to not like the circumstances at all!  They don’t like that there are still other women involved as he’s basically asking for their blessing.  Something goes very wrong and it’s a two-night event, Monday and Tuesday!  Wow.  Something is going down!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese


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