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'I Like You a Lot' Juan Pablo Tells Final 'Bachelor' Pick, 'Bachelorette' Chosen

This is it, the big finale of “The Bachelor” with Juan Pablo.  Before we find out why on earth the final two girls are seen crying so much in all of the promos, Clare and Nikki are meeting Juan Pablo’s family.  Well, it’s new for at least Clare.  Nikki met most of them on a date earlier this season.



Clare family

Clare was up first to meet Juan Pablo’s family, which included his daughter Camila.  She spoke to his parents about how she wants three kids one day, and they seemed to like her a lot.  She told his mother that she feels love for Juan Pablo.  His mother also said that his attitude basically makes her cry sometimes too the way it did with Clare over the whole “swimming” situation.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.  His cousin really seemed to like her a lot and he told Juan Pablo that Clare is ready to get married right away, but he’s not going to say “She’s begging for it.”  That caused the studio audience watching the finale have a good laugh.


While Clare spoke with Juan Pablo’s father, they held hands the whole time.  It seems a little odd.  But, he told her that he loves her and that he would be there like a father for her.  Wow.  Why can’t Juan Pablo be that sweet and sincere?  Clare thinks Juan Pablo is just like him, but I don’t exactly see it.  I think he takes a bit more after his mother.



Nikki family

Nikki then had her chance the following day to see Juan Pablo’s family again.  Some of them she was just meeting for the first time, and others she had already met at Camila’s dance recital.  She didn’t seem too interested in talking to Camila though, unless her interaction with her when she got there wasn’t really shown.  His dad warned her that he’s not an easy guy to get along with and that he tells the truth brutally and that he’s very stubborn about what he wants.  His dad gave her a big kiss on the cheek.  It was sweet.  His dad thought that her honest personality seemed like it would be a good fit for Juan Pablo and that she could “manage” him.


His mother stressed that he’s a homebody mostly and wanted to make sure she wouldn’t mind sitting around watching TV on the weekends.  Nikki asked her if she thought Juan Pablo was ready for marriage and she said that she was “pretty sure”.  Yeah, that’s not very convincing!  His cousin talked to her about her ability to put up with his fiery fighting style and she said that she would be able to hold her own and that it creates great passion.  At the end of the day, Juan Pablo told Nikki that he is so glad that she signed up for this.




Clare had her last date with Juan Pablo before he was to make his big decision.  They went on a helicopter ride exploring Saint Lucia.  Clare was worried that he wasn’t talking to her enough and that it was maybe just a physical connection holding them together. 




Back at the room later that evening, Clare talked about how Juan Pablo made a comment about their chemistry together and that he told her that he doesn’t know her at all and she doesn’t know him at all.  He clarified that it’s not “at all” it’s just “not enough” yet.  Clare told him that she doesn’t just need the physical stuff she wants so much more.  Juan Pablo said the part of her that he knows he likes, but he said there’s probably stuff he doesn’t like about her.  She was a little shocked.  Juan Pablo said he could lie to her but he’s being honest.  She said that his honesty was just confusing her.  She could not see what he felt and she was very unsure.  She is actually considering leaving because she has more to offer in a relationship than just the physical aspect.  I really respect her for saying that.


Juan Pablo said that they are great at kissing and that he thinks that’s perfect.  He told her not to blame him because she broke “the kissing rule” where they had agreed to just talk and not kiss in South Korea.  Juan Pablo said that he likes how she misses her family and he likes so many other things about her which was very nice of him to say.  She asked him if he knew enough about her to make a decision.  Juan Pablo said a proposal is huge, and he said he’s not sure if he’s ready to propose because he’s making that decision for his daughter too.  He said he wouldn’t have had her meet his whole family if she wasn’t special to him.  He said that he knows that if he ends up with her, they could have a baby within the next year.  Will he be ready for that?


The live studio audience and the “Bachelor” couples and former contestants thought it was painful to watch…and it was.  There’s nothing else to say about that.




Then it was time for Nikki’s final date with Juan Pablo.  They met on a boat dock and he immediately checked out her “rack” and they kissed and boarded a boat.  The one compliment I can give Juan Pablo is I thought his outfit was cute.  They awkwardly sat around on the boat chatting, but it seemed very one sided.



Nikki last evening

Later it was time for their awkward evening conversation.  Nikki was looking for an “I love you” from him but the best she could really get was, “It’s going to be OK”.  She just doesn’t seem to want to lose or lose him.  She says that she feels really right with him.  She gave him a picture frame with a photo of them riding horses and kissing.  There was also a letter with the photo which he read out loud in front of her.  He responded to her very sweet letter by slobbering all over her face and neck.  Then he said, “I’ll see you tomorrow”.  Yes, Juan Pablo, that’s exactly what she was going for.   Once he was out the door, she sat there and cried for a while. 



Clare dumped

At last, it’s the final day, decision day.  They showed Clare getting ready and making her way over to where Juan Pablo was waiting.  She looked absolutely fabulous.  Chris Harrison did the walk of doom with her and she went up to Juan Pablo.   He smiled as she approached and told her she looked pretty and then she launched into a speech about how much she cares about him.  He talked about their ups and downs and he told her that she’s an amazing woman, but that he has to follow what he thinks is best for him and he needs to say goodbye to her.  He went to hug her and she put her hands up (the audience cheered loudly).  She said that she stuck around because she believed in him and that she needed reassurance and he did, but she obviously didn’t know what kind of man he was.  She said that “what you just made me go through; I would never want my children having a father like you.”  She walked briskly into the waiting arms of Chris Harrison who gave her a hug and sent her on her way.  Once he saw that she was out of earshot he said, “Whew, I’m glad I didn’t pick her!”  Sorry, but that’s a jerk thing to say.



Nikki last rose

Juan Pablo did get to pick out a ring from Neil Lane, but it remains unclear if he would ever use it.  The show didn’t even bother to show him picking it out.  Nikki arrived in a beautiful blue dress.  Juan Pablo looked at the ring as she stepped off the boat and walked towards him.  Nikki told him that he’s an amazing person and she appreciated meeting his family and that she wants to be a part of it all and she thinks it’s a once in a lifetime experience feeling the way she feels.  She said she doesn’t want it to stop and she doesn’t think it will and that she loves him.  He told her that he loves how she feels about all the people around her and that he can see her as a good stepmom for Camila because she has all the qualities that he is looking for.  He said that he has a ring there in his pocket and he’s not going to use it yet because he’s not 100% sure that he wants to propose to her.  He is however 100% sure that he doesn’t want to let her go.  He told her that he likes her a lot, A LOT.  He asked her if she would accept his final rose.  She shook her head yes and said “absolutely”.  They did a whole bunch of kissing.  He told her that he was glad she accepted it and told her she was so pretty again.  He then told her not to get cranky on him then, but later.  Well that’s just great. 



Clare atfr

Now it’s time for the LIVE “After the Final Rose” episode.  Clare was out on the stage first.  Clare said it was hard to watch the finale and it brought back the “sting” of that day.  She said that she had hoped that he would turn out to be who she wanted him to be, but obviously he wasn’t.  She stood up to a man for the first time in her life that day.  She said that she gave him too many chances.  It was exactly how she felt and the way he acting and what he said was not OK with her.  She doesn’t need any further closure and is chose not to see him during this special.  She doesn’t want to get fed “anymore BS”.




Juan Pablo would not reveal to the audience what he said that upset Clare on their helicopter ride.  He just said “it’s fine” about what Clare said to him and that he doesn’t regret anything and he’s not sure why he should have regret. 



Nikki juan pablo atfr

Nikki came out and said that there is a relationship and they are still in love.  She says she still doesn’t know if he loves her.  Yikes.  She says that her feelings have not changed.  He still has not even told her in private that he loves her.  She says that in his actions she knows that he cares about her. 


Once they were on stage together, they said that they plan to go on with their lives together.  They are looking forward to some privacy.  Chris Harrison asked if he had a big surprise and he said it was basically that they were still together.  Um, ok.  That isn’t a real surprise.  Juan Pablo refused to say that he loves her and just said that “he feels great” about Nikki.  He would not answer that question to Chris Harrison.  They said that they are happy that they had the opportunity to meet each other but they are “So done with the show”.  Sean (our last “Bachelor”) basically said that when he knew that he wanted to spend his life with Catherine he couldn’t wait to tell her that and he wanted her to know it and how special she is to him.  But obviously, “to each their own,” Sean said.


Chris Harrison tried as hard as he could, but he could not budge him.  He said he would like to say that they are in love, but it’s so awkward.  Nikki said that she respects that he’s taking his time and it’s a real relationship and you can’t force it.  He was dating other people and now they need time to really get to know each other, not to mention that he also has to think about his daughter.  Juan Pablo says he never wants to get divorced.  Well, that’s entirely possible, because the guy may never get married!  He was with the mother of his child for quite a while and never married her, that’s practically the same as dealing with a divorce, even more so with a child involved.




Back from the break, Chris Harrison continued to harp on the issue.  He asked Nikki how long she planned to give him to say “I love you”.  She said she wouldn’t put a time limit on it.  They have a “plan” but it got sidetracked two weeks ago apparently.  Something happened, but they wouldn’t say what that was.  They are still trying to figure out their living situation.  All they would say is, “We have our plans”.  Sean shook his head “no” to that in the fact that they would ever get privacy.  He’s like, “I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not private after the show”.  Catherine said that she wouldn’t be happy if she were sitting in her shoes.  She said that she’s glad they are happy but that she’s also confused by it.  She basically thinks they are “Slapping the hand that fed them.”  It’s a public forum and people like to see what’s going to happen next.  Chris Harrison wanted to know, why not share the good stuff?  If it is good news, why not share how much you love her.  He said it’s a “Bachelor” first and he’s been doing this for 12 years.




Next and finally, some good news.  The big reveal of the new “Bachelorette”!  It’s ANDI!  She’s a fabulous choice!  She tells it like it is and I think she will do a good job.  I hope she can find happiness.  I’m so glad that we all have something to look forward to after Juan Pablo turned out to be a cold fish.


Hugs, Kisses & Roses, 
Jennifer Matarese




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