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'The Women Tell All' about Juan Pablo

“The Women Tell All” episode actually began with Sean and Catherine talking about their wedding special and how their honeymoon went. 


Catherine said the wedding night was very romantic and Sean said there were fireworks.  They seem very happy together.  They said that they swam with sharks and stingrays on their honeymoon.  He said a stingray latched on to his “man parts” and it hurt really bad, but he was OK thank goodness.  That’s crazy!  They also said that they would like a year of being together and then they will start trying for kids!  There could be some “Bachelor” babies on the horizon!




The ladies first talked about how he never listened to him, he wasn’t genuine, and he wasn’t really that easy to talk to.  The biggest complaint was that he mostly talked about himself.  The ladies went there to find a husband and Andi said that they all pretty much think he’s there to find a girlfriend.  They also said that he used his daughter as an excuse to pull away from the women he wasn’t interested in. 



After the Clare swimming in the ocean situation, the ladies were shocked.  They all called each other because they couldn’t believe it happened.  However, they felt like he handled the situation poorly and blamed him more.  She offered, but he took her up on it and then made her feel bad about it.




Sharleen was the first woman in the hot seat and she said that she was honest the whole time.  She covered her eyes as she watched Juan Pablo and her relationship play out on the big screen for the audience.  She said she could have happily dated them but that there wasn’t a cerebral connection and that she knew that it just wasn’t her in the end.




Renee was up next and it was hard for her to watch herself get her heart broken again by Juan Pablo.  She said she wouldn’t change anything, except she wanted to tell him she loved him, but she didn’t think it would have made a difference.  She felt that their relationship was at a slow pace compared to everyone else.  Renee revealed that she’s got a new man in her life (rumor is she’s actually engaged to a man she’s known for a long time).  All she would say is that she has a new “situation” going on.




The woman I was most excited to see in the hot seat, Andi, finally took the chair.  She said that him talking about another woman was really hurtful.  She couldn’t believe that he would do that and that she was appalled by it.  She said that she wishes she would have told him exactly how she felt.  She said that the things he said to her made her feel “cheap”.  She did admit that she was very attracted to him though, but in the end they just didn’t understand each other basically.




At last, Juan Pablo came out to face the music.  Juan Pablo said that he wouldn’t change anything and that he’s been honest since day one, and he realizes that sometimes it comes off as rude.  Andi actually stuck up for him when it came to his “special treatment” of the single moms.  She thought that it was great the he gave them special consideration since they were away from their children and took that seriously.  Juan Pablo seemed to appreciate it a bit, however, I think he’s still steamed at the comments she made about their own relationship.



Andi talked to him about the fact that Juan Pablo didn’t really get to know them.  He said that he thought he got to know some of the girls but he wanted to see how they interact more than learning facts.  He also talked about the gay comments and he said that he realizes gay people are born that way and that he loves them and wants equality.  Sharleen stuck up for him and said that he’s very open minded and that it was basically taken out of context.  He had said that gays were “more pervert” in a sense.  Not quite sure what he was trying to accomplish with that comment.



Finally,we got to see a preview of next week’s big finale with Clare and Nikki.  Chris Harrison said that next week’s finale is something that they’ve never seen before.  I wonder what that could mean.  The preview didn’t seem like there was a happy ending, there was a lot of crying going on!  I guess we’ll have to just wait and see what happens.  The After the Final Rose special airs immediately after the finale.



Hugs, Kisses, & Roses,
Jennifer Matarese


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