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New 'Bachelor' Spin-off CONFIRMED! 'Bachelor in Paradise' Begins this Summer!

There's a new member of the "Bachelor" franchise!  It's called "Bachelor in Paradise" and it's confirmed by ABC to be starting this summer!  

Chris harrison

Entertainment Weekly exclusively reported today that the new show will last six episodes and feature a rose ceremony!  

It will reportedly take place on an isolated island location and will bring back many favorite "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants.  

This is sure to be a welcome replacement for fans of "Bachelor Pad" which did not get renewed for last summer.  

It seems that this new show will feature more on love connections and hookups than game playing, although I wouldn't rule anything out at this point.  

Chris Harrison announced the other day that there would be a big announcement and this is big!  He, of course, is returning as the host.  

The premiere date and location of the show have not yet been revealed.


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'I Like You a Lot' Juan Pablo Tells Final 'Bachelor' Pick, 'Bachelorette' Chosen

This is it, the big finale of “The Bachelor” with Juan Pablo.  Before we find out why on earth the final two girls are seen crying so much in all of the promos, Clare and Nikki are meeting Juan Pablo’s family.  Well, it’s new for at least Clare.  Nikki met most of them on a date earlier this season.



Clare family

Clare was up first to meet Juan Pablo’s family, which included his daughter Camila.  She spoke to his parents about how she wants three kids one day, and they seemed to like her a lot.  She told his mother that she feels love for Juan Pablo.  His mother also said that his attitude basically makes her cry sometimes too the way it did with Clare over the whole “swimming” situation.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.  His cousin really seemed to like her a lot and he told Juan Pablo that Clare is ready to get married right away, but he’s not going to say “She’s begging for it.”  That caused the studio audience watching the finale have a good laugh.


While Clare spoke with Juan Pablo’s father, they held hands the whole time.  It seems a little odd.  But, he told her that he loves her and that he would be there like a father for her.  Wow.  Why can’t Juan Pablo be that sweet and sincere?  Clare thinks Juan Pablo is just like him, but I don’t exactly see it.  I think he takes a bit more after his mother.


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Recap of 'The Bachelor: Love Stories' and Trista and Ryan's Vow Renewal

We begin "The Bachelor: Love Stories" with Desiree and Chris.  They are happily living in Seattle where Desiree is designing custom ordered dresses and even sewing them herself.  They seem really content in Seattle.  They talked about wanting to get a dog together and the process of planning their wedding.



Next, Jason and Molly gave an update six years out from their experience.  They had a horribly windy and rainy wedding, but it's been smooth sailing ever since.  They are loving life with their baby Riley and Jason's son, Ty.  They even hang out with Desiree and Chris because they live in Seattle too!  



DeAnna and Stephen talked about how they are happily married and hang out with Stephen's twin Michael who was on Jillian's season of "The Bachelorette".  In other exciting news, DeAnna is pregnant with a baby girl!  So that's very exciting.  Another "Bachelor" baby of sorts is in the works.


Then it was time for an update on one of my very favorite couples, J.P. and Ashley!  They are living in Princeton, New Jersey together and are still happily married.  J.P. is still working as a construction manager, and Ashley is working as a dentist.  They're thinking about having a baby and Ashley has severe baby fever!  I hope they do soon!  J.P. says that he really wants her dental residency to be done first before they have a baby.  




The original "Bachelorette" Trista has just celebrated her 10 year anniversary with Ryan!  It's really amazing to think that they met on this TV show and have even had two children together.  They have 6-year-old Max and 4-year-old Blakesley.  Ryan is still working as a firefighter in Colorado.  They say that they are in the happiest place that they have ever been.  They looked through their wedding photos and the show aired clips of their wedding and they looked so young!  It was a beautiful wedding!  It hasn't always been sunshine and roses for the couple, but they always come back to each other despite life's struggles and stresses.  So funny enough, Ryan said that the cheesy poems worked to woo her, but now their life is a poetic experience, and that made Trista cry.  Ryan surprised Trista with a Neil Lane box with a beautiful gigantic diamond ring inside!  Wow!  They decided to renew their vows and do that in front of their children so they can see how much their parents love each other. Aw!



For the vow renewal, they dressed up in some beautiful outfits and had their closest friends and family there.  Ryan walked in with their sweet daughter, and Trista walked down the isle with their son.  They looked so classy and mature.  Now, that's how you do a vow renewal!  Ryan wore sneakers, while Trista wore some amazing sparkly heels.  Ryan reread the vows that he wrote for their wedding day.  It was really special.  Trista said "thank you, and I love you" because she has loved everything that they have in their life together and that she will always be there for him and she wants to be as good of a person as he is in her eyes.  They said their "I wills" and kissed!  It was so special to see the clips of the wedding intertwined with the clips of the vow renewal and everything their life together has given them, a family.


Catherine dress

Lastly, it was time for a look at Sean and Catherine's wedding planning and a preview of their wedding next weekend.  They showed them shooting their strange "save the date" photos.  Based on those alone, these two are meant for each other.  They took a walk around the grounds of their wedding location at the Four Season in Santa Barbara.  They walked into their wedding suite to check that out and saw the bed where the action would take place since they decided to wait to consummate their relationship, so they were really excited to see where that would take place, ha!  Sean said he's just excited for them to really start their lives together.


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Bachelor Nation Mourns Loss of Gia Allemand

Bachelor Nation is mourning the loss of "Bachelor" and "Bachelor Pad" star Gia Allemand.  Gia died today at University Hospital in New Orleans.  

Her publicist released a statement: 

Television personality and Model/Actress Gia Marie Allemand (29) passed away today at University Hospital, New Orleans.

While in her residency in New Orleans on Monday night, Ms. Allemand was found by her boyfriend, NBA Basketball Player Ryan Anderson, following an apparent suicide attempt.

Mr. Anderson contacted 911 and emergency medical crews were immediately dispatched to the scene. Tuesday, Ms. Allemand remained in the hospital unconscious in critical condition and on life support.

Due to a critical loss of brain and organ function, life support was withdrawn today. Ms. Allemand passed away peacefully with her mother, boyfriend, and other life-long friends by her side. As a practicing Christian, Gia did receive the sacrament of last rites.

Loved ones and fans will remember Gia Allemand as a caring woman who loved her family and was well-known for her compassion towards animals and mission to rescue homeless pets.

Funeral arrangements will be forthcoming in another official statement once available. On behalf of the family, we sincerely ask for privacy at this time.


Also, "The Bachelor" franchise creator/executive producer Mike Fleiss released a statement saying: “The entire Bachelor family is tremendously saddened by the tragic passing of our friend, Gia. She was truly a sweet and generous soul. This is a devastating loss for anyone who ever knew her.”  


Several past "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants have released statements, including Jake Pavelka, the Season 14 "Bachelor" that Gia competed for.


Jake Pavelka ‏@jakepavelka1: I had to pull over, I can't stop crying. We have lost an angel.

He later added: "I am in complete shock and devastated to hear the news about Gia. She was one of the sweetest people I have ever known." and he continued, "And a very dear friend. My heart goes out to her family during this very difficult time. We have lost angel today. I miss you Gia...".


Several others also Tweeted just minutes apart:


Melissa Rycroft ‏@MelissaRycroft: Life can be so surreal sometimes....


Ali Fedotowsky ‏@AliFedotowsky: We lost an incredible human being today. @giaallemand 


Chris Harrison ‏@chrisbharrison: It's with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our good friend Gia Allemand. She will be loved and missed by all who knew her.


Michelle Money ‏@MoneyMichelle: Two years ago today my amazing father passed away. Today another angel is joining him in heaven. Such a sad sad day. #HeartBroken


William Holman ‏@WilliamFHolman:  :( lucky enough I got to hold you Gia


Nick Peterson ‏@NickPetersonTV: Crushed to hear the devastating news of @GiaAllemand's passing. Had the opportunity to spend time with her and I know she's in heaven.


Erica Helaine Rose ‏@EricaTheRose: I'm in shock and disbelief to hear the news about @GiaAllemand padding. She is truly an angel and will be forever missed by #bachelornation


Jillian Harris ‏@jillianharris: I am just hearing this horrific news. I am in disbelief. My heart is breaking for my #BachelorNation family. I'm so sorry my little family


Justin Rego ‏@JustinRatedR: I honestly dont know what to say right now.. giaallemand you will be missed and remembered by family,… 


Trista Sutter ‏@tristasutter#BachelorNation please join me in sending thoughts & prayers 2 @GiaAllemand 's family & all those who were blessed 2 know her. #angeltoosoon


Desiree Hartsock ‏@DesHartsock: So incredibly sad to hear the news. Love and prayers go out to Gia's family and friends.


wes hayden ‏@wesleyhayden: I will miss you Gia, you were an awesome woman and I thank God I got to be part of your life if only… 


Trista Sutter ‏@tristasutter: "@peoplemag: The Bachelor's @GiaAllemand has died.  " Heartbroken. We will miss you beautiful girl.


Jessie Sulidis ‏@jessiesulidis#ripgiaallemand giaallemand ! You will be missed! I will always remember how much crazy fun we would… 


Sean Lowe ‏@SeanLowe09: My prayers go out to @GiaAllemand 's family during this time. Life on earth is but a vapor and she's with our Lord now.


Gia was also very involved with several charities over the years and most notably with Alex's Lemonade Stand.  She was in attendance at the event in New York City (She's a Howard Beach, Queens native) to raise money for pediatric cancer and click here to see an interview with her from 2010:









My thoughts and condolences go out to Gia's family and her boyfriend, New Orleans Pelicans player Ryan Anderson, who were said to be at her side when she passed.


Desiree and Chris Talk About Finding Love on 'The Bachelorette'

Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried from "The Bachelorette" were nice enough to talk about their experience on the show right after their appearance this morning on "Live with Kelly and Michael" (Erin Andrews was filling in for Kelly).

Live with kelly
On the show, they revealed that they were thinking about next summer as when they would like to have their wedding, but they have not yet picked out the big day.  



They sat down and I asked Chris what went through his head when Desiree started to have him stand back up right before he was about to propose, and he said that "at the time, it made me a little nervous, I'm not going to lie."  However, he did add that he didn't ever think that she was stopping him because she might have picked Drew.  WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:

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Desiree Finds Love! The BEST 'Bachelorette' Finale EVER

This is truly the first finale, where I really felt like I didn’t know what to expect!  We left off last week with Brooks breaking Desiree’s heart, and he said he didn’t love her and didn’t think that would change.  This week, the second part of the finale started off with Desiree reflecting on what Brooks said to her back in her room and crying.  Chris Harrison came by to meet her and talk about the situation.  It was apparently the following day, or so it seemed.  Chris Harrison tried to make the case for Drew and Chris (especially Chris) and said that they are there for her and love her, and Desiree just seems to have discounted them already.  The heart wants what the heart wants.  Still, she decides to spend some more time with Chris and Drew to really explore her feelings for each of them and see if she could love either of them.  Aw!  She has a rose ceremony coming up where she would have eliminated the guys to the final two, and she says she doesn’t know what she is going to do with that rose ceremony.


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Three I Love You's but One Holds Out on Des

It’s my favorite episode of the season!  Hometown dates!  These always prove to be incredibly interesting and usually explain a lot about the guys’ personalities.



Zak had the first date in his hometown of Dallas, Texas.  They met up in a park and walked around and joked for a while.  Then they sat down and talked about his family and how Desiree’s a little bit nervous to meet his sister.  So Zak told her his weird dream about how they melted in the sand and then they ate snowflakes and hundreds of kids appeared…it was so weird.  That supports the theory that no matter how amazing your dreams sound, they are weird to everyone else you try to tell.  Zak left for a few minutes and pulled up in a snow cone truck!  It looked like a lot of fun!  They pulled up to an elementary school and served snow cones to all of the kids.  You give the kids the plain snow cone and then they get to put the flavors on themselves on the side of the truck. Zak left again and this time he showed up in penguin costume for the kids.  It was really cute.


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Desiree Says She's Falling in Love with Two of the Guys

This week, Desiree’s final five traveled to Madeira, Portugal.  This week began with Catherine, Jackie, and Lesley from last season showing up to give Desiree some advice on her final five guys.  You would think it would be at least slightly awkward for her to be around Catherine, the woman who got the man she originally wanted.  Catherine said that Sean told her to “Give Des good advice” on the guys there because he wants her to help lookout for her.  So she told the ladies what she knows about the guys and likes about them.  Desiree also divulged to the ladies that she is falling in love, and with more than just one person. 



Of course the guys show up, and the ladies were drooling over Chris and Drew and were yelling at Brooks to take his shirt off so they could get a better look.  The ladies sat there and gossiped about the guys as they played by the pool.


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Drama with James Creates a Tough Decision for Desiree

Tonight, “The Bachelorette” traveled to Barcelona, Spain.  Desiree was walking around the city all happy at the beginning of the show, but that would soon change.  There’s a group date and two one-on-one dates.  Chris Harrison also warned them that there would be no cocktail party this week yet again.



The first date card arrived with Chris Harrison and it was for Drew!  It read, “Let’s build a foundation for love.”  Desiree mentioned that their relationship has gone a little bit slower, and I feel like, um yeah, probably because this is really the first we are seeing of him practically!  He wasted no time though and started the date off with a kiss and Des seemed to appreciate it!  Then, they went and drank some amazing looking hot chocolates and they kissed a little more.


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Most Uncomfortable Two-on-One Date Ever on 'The Bachelorette'

The setting for this week's "The Bachelorette" was Munich, Germany!  This week there was a one-on-one date, a two-on-one date, and a group date with roses on each date.  The guys arrived at an amazing looking suite and the first date card was waiting there for them.  The date card was for Chris and read, "In Munich, we can fall in love with each other." 


So right away, Des and Chris explored Munich together.  Inside the suite, Bryden started to lament over his lack of feelings for Desiree.  They are five weeks in now and he says he's lost that lovin' feeling.  He told James that he is planning on telling her as soon as possible, and he put his coat on and left the hotel.  Back on the one-on-one date, Chris and Desiree are as cute as can be and they are snapping photos and trying out the local delicacies.  The best part was when they tried on some lederhosen, it was so sweet.  They frolicked out into the square and did some crazy dancing as a crowd looked on.


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